Monday, July 30, 2012

Elementary truths

Last week I taught 90 5-12 year-olds at our church's vacation bible school -- July Jamboree -- instead of my normal population of young adults and adults.  It was a change of pace to teach younger children.  They would come into my bible lesson room in groups of 20-25, with their crew leaders, and sit on the floor, waiting for something interesting to happen or something fun to do.  Their favorite day was when my son played Lazarus, and hid in the "tomb" (big freezer box) until Jesus (me as narrator) called out "Lazarus come forth."  Then my son burst out of the box, with his grave clothes clinging to his newly resurrected body. They loved that!

Every day there was a central truth, a simple yet profound truth that was the whole point of the lesson.  But a funny thing happened as I was teaching the kids.  I re-learned this primary lessons myself.  And for that I thank God.

Day 1:  God is with you
Day 2:  God cares for you
Day 3:  God will meet your needs
Day 4:  God will save you
Day 5:  God hears you when you pray

I had the kids come up with hand motions to the memory verses, and I liked what one group came up with for "cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7.  They pretended to cast out with a fishing rod.  That's a great image, but my problem is I cast my anxiety on the Lord, then I reel it back in!

I am reminding myself of these central truths, and learning, again, to trust God.

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